What Is Gavones Meaning? Is It An Italian Slang?

Juliet Weston

gavones meaning

Are you searching for gavones meaning and you are trying to understand whether it is slang or not? Just go through the below article I will tell you everything about the term and also how is it translated into other languages.

What Is Gavones Meaning?

Gavones is an Italian American Slang that means to refer to someone who just eats too much. So when someone says gavones or gavone in a sentence that means they are referring someone who eats a lot.

Is Gavones An Italian Slang?

Yes, Gavones is an American Italian Slang and is used to refer to someone who just eats too much. The word comes from another Italian word Gavone which means pig in Italian language. 

What Is Gavones Slang?

What Is Gavones Slang

Gavones is an Italian-American Slang that is used on social media. The real meaning of the slang is to refer to someone who eats plenty of food just like a pig.

Examples Of Gavones Slang

  • “Do not act like a gavone and eat all the pizza”
  • “Look at that gavone that throwing the trash”

What Does Gavone Mean In Italian?

Gavone is an Italian word that literally gavones meaning is“a pig” The term “Gavone” is used in exactly the same way in the Italian language as the word “Pig” is used in English.

How To Pronounce Gavones?

Here is a video that will tell you about how to pronounce the word “Gavones”

Gavone Translation In Different Languages

In this section let’s see what is the translation of Gavone in other languages.

  • Russian : шкафчик
  • Korean : 탈
  • French : locker
  • Chinese: 储物柜
  • Hindi: लॉकर
  • Spanish: armario
  • Portuguese: armario
  • Arabic: خلع الملابس
  • German: Stauraum
  • Indonesian: Loker
  • Japanese: ロッカー
  • Turkish: soyunma

Final Words

In other words gavones means a gluttonous eater who just eats like pig that is eats everything and anything. So next time when someone says gavone or gavones in a sentence just remember that they are referring to someone as a pig.


What Does It Mean When Someone Calls Someone Gavones?

When someone is saying someone a gavones in slang it means they are referring someone as a someone who eats a lot.

What Does The Slang Word Gavone Mean?

The slang word gavone means someone who eats too much.

What Does Gavone Mean In The Sopranos?

Gavone in The Sopranos means cafone that is “”boor”.

What Does Being A Gavone Mean?

When it is referred as “Being a gavone” it means you are eating too much.