What Is Suadero?

If you want to know what is suadero, you’ve arrived at the right place! Several Mexican restaurants have “suadero” on their food menu. Even I had trouble figuring out what the word exactly means. Don’t get confused! It is better to start with its origins to learn different suadero recipes.  In today’s post, I will explain what is suadero meat. Mexican migrants have brought this delicious snack to America and other countries. Here, I will reveal what cut of meat is suadero and how to cook this piece of meat. Without wasting much time, you can keep on reading to know what is suadero in detail.

What Is Suadero?

Suadero is a cut of meat from the middle part of a cow; from the lower flank and the sirloin primal section. This thin cut of beef is relatively inexpensive and is used for tacos. Many people like to use suadero in other dishes like corn tortillas that are freshly made on a skillet. Sometimes, suadero is referred to as rose meat due to its light pink color.

You can keep on reading further to learn more about what meat is suadero.

In Argentina, this piece of meat is known as matambre, and sobrebrriga in Colombia. Most people get confused between suadero and other thin cuts of beef like hanger steak or brisket. But is suadero and brisket the same? If you compare both these pieces of meat, suadero is considered lean and a little chewy than hanger steak and brisket.

Suadero meat can be enjoyed in side dishes like yellow Mexican rice, refried pinto beans, black beans, and corn tortillas. You can even eat this meat inside other dishes like stews. However, you can use the leftover meat in sandwiches, scrambled eggs, or quesadillas.

Now that you know what is suadero tacos, you must be wondering where to buy suadero meat. You can easily purchase this piece of meat from your nearby butcher shop, grocery store, and meat market. Just make sure you pick a good cut of this style of meat. If the color is too dark or leaning towards brown/grey, then it is an old piece of meat. You can even take the smell of the meat as eating spoiled meat can be dangerous.

Suadero Vs Carnitas

After knowing what is suadero, let’s now learn the difference between suadero and carnitas. Suadero is a thin cut of beef that comes from the belly or flank of the cow. Whereas carnitas is also a piece of meat but is cut from pork shoulder. Both pieces of meat are marinated in a variety of spices and then grilled to perfection.

Cooking Suadero

I hope now you’ve understood what is suadero taco. Cooking suadero is an easy task but its flavor can change depending on the cooking style. Here, I will show you how to make your suadero meat tender and chewy.

  • Grill the meat

You can grill your suadero meat outside on an open grill to cook it. This will give the meat a sizzling grilled taste from the charcoal. Use your grilled suadero meat for tacos or with other main dishes.

  • Fry the meat

Well, you can even fry your meat if you don’t have a grill. You can use olive oil to fry suadero meat instead of canola or vegetable oil. To get the best flavor, you can make a base to fry the meat in. You can use peppers, onions, garlic, and herbs to make up the base for the dish.

  • Cook in a slow cooker

Many chefs prefer to cook suadero in a slow cooker so that the meat marinates in its juices. This a healthier and better option than flying the cuts of meat in oil. A slow cooker or pressure cooker will make the meat even softer. Later, you can add things like beer, lemon juice, or other liquids.

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What Kind Of Meat Is Suadero?

What Is Suadero? Suadero beef is a cut of meat from the middle part of a cow, between the animal’s sirloin primal and the lower flank. In Argentina, this same cut of meat is known as matambre; in Colombia, it’s sobrebarriga.

What Does Suadero Taste Like?

The most notable aspect of the texture was how the surface of many pieces had browned and crisped. Very similar to carnitas. The flavor was, well, beefy. Nothing especially new or remarkable.

Is Flank Steak The Same As Suadero?

Suadero, also known as matambre, is the name of a very thin cut of beef in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, taken from between the skin and the ribs, a sort of flank steak.

What Is Cow Head Meat Called?

Cabeza is meat from the head of a cow and is typically served braised or steamed to enhance its tenderness (cabeza can be quite supple and rich, thanks to the high-fat content in the head).


In the above post, I’ve explained what kind of meat is suadero in detail. Suadero is a thin cut of beef from the meat that hangs from the breast bone of a cow. This piece of meat is considered lean and a little chewy. The suadero meat is a healthy source of protein and also contains B12 vitamins. This meat is great for those who are looking for a healthy and affordable source of protein. But make sure you eat it only in moderation to avoid any serious health problems. Once you understand what is suadero, you can make some delicious new recipes. 

What is suadero meat called in English