What Is Slaking Weak Against?

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In the captivating world of Pokémon battles, strategic thinking and type matchups play a pivotal role. One of the remarkable creatures that has garnered attention for its unique abilities and weaknesses is Slaking. To better understand this formidable Normal-type Pokémon, we must delve into what Slaking is weak against and how to exploit those weaknesses for a victorious battle.

What Is Slaking Weak Against?

Slaking is a powerful and imposing Pokémon known for its high stats, including formidable Attack and HP. It evolves from the less formidable Vigoroth and is the final evolution of Slakoth. However, what makes Slaking stand out is its ability, Truant, which limits its ability to move in consecutive turns, giving opponents a window of opportunity to strike.

Understanding Weaknesses

In the Pokémon universe, battles are largely determined by type matchups, and Slaking, despite its strengths, has its fair share of weaknesses. Slaking’s primary vulnerability stems from its Normal typing. Let’s explore what Slaking is weak against:

  1. Fighting-type Moves: Slaking’s Normal type makes it particularly susceptible to Fighting-type moves. These attacks are super effective against Normal types, dealing 2x damage. Popular Fighting-type moves include Dynamic Punch, Close Combat, and High Jump Kick.
  2. Rock-type Moves: Rock-type moves are another concern for Slaking, as they are also super effective against Normal types. Attacks like Rock Slide and Stone Edge can deal significant damage.
  3. Steel-type Moves: Steel-type moves can pose a threat to Slaking as well, albeit to a lesser extent. These moves are not super effective but can still pack a punch. Examples include Iron Head and Flash Cannon.
  4. Psychic-type Moves: Psychic-type moves are not super effective against Normal types, but Slaking is particularly vulnerable due to its low Special Defense. Strong Psychic moves like Psychic or Psyshock can deal substantial damage.

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Exploiting Slaking’s Weaknesses

To gain an advantage in battles against Slaking, trainers should consider Pokémon with the aforementioned move types and attributes. Fighting-type Pokémon, in particular, are strong contenders, as they can deal significant damage while taking minimal hits from Slaking’s Normal-type moves.

Furthermore, exploiting Slaking’s ability, Truant, is key to defeating it. Trainers can use Pokémon with moves that impose status conditions or reduce Slaking’s stats to hinder its effectiveness. Status moves like Thunder Wave or Will-O-Wisp can be especially useful in slowing down Slaking’s offensive capabilities.


While Slaking is a formidable and powerful Pokémon, it has specific vulnerabilities that savvy trainers can exploit to secure victory. Understanding Slaking’s weaknesses, primarily its susceptibility to Fighting, Rock, Steel, and Psychic-type moves, can help you develop a winning strategy in battles. In the dynamic world of Pokémon, knowledge of type matchups and battle tactics is often the key to success, making every battle an exciting and strategic endeavor.


What Is Super Effective Against Slaking?

The best Pokemon Go Slaking counters are Terrakion, Mega Rayquaza, Mega Alakazam, Keldeo, Shadow Hariyama & Mega Blaziken.

What Type Is Slaking?

Slaking (Japanese: ケッキング Kekking) is a Normal-type Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It evolves from Vigoroth starting at level 36.

What Is Slakoth Weak Against?


What Is Vigoroth Weak Against?

Vigoroth is weak to Fighting-type moves.

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