What Is Gogoat Weak Against?

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What Is Gogoat Weak Against?

In the world of Pokémon, battles often come down to type advantages and disadvantages. Understanding these matchups is crucial for a trainer’s success. One such Pokémon with a unique type combination is Gogoat, a Grass-Type creature known for its impressive physical appearance and its ability to carry trainers on its back. While Gogoat has its strengths, it also has its fair share of weaknesses. In this blog, we’ll explore what Gogoat is weak against in Pokémon battles.

Gogoat’s Type And Strengths

Gogoat is a dual-type Pokémon, belonging to the Grass and Normal categories. This unique typing provides Gogoat with some advantages and versatility in battles:

  1. Grass-Type Attacks: As a Grass-Type Pokémon, Gogoat is immune to Leech Seed and can resist moves like Solar Beam and Grass Knot. It can also deal super-effective damage against Water, Ground, and Rock-Types.
  2. Normal-Type Attacks: Being a Normal-Type, Gogoat is only weak to Fighting-Type moves. It has a wide movepool and can learn a variety of attacks, making it a versatile battler.

Gogoat’s Weaknesses

  1. Fighting-Type Moves: Gogoat’s primary weakness lies in its vulnerability to Fighting-Type moves. Fighting moves are super effective against Normal-Types, and Gogoat’s dual typing makes it susceptible to these attacks. Moves like High Jump Kick, Close Combat, and Cross Chop can deal significant damage to Gogoat.
  2. Ice-Type Moves: While Gogoat’s Grass typing does grant it resistance to Water-Type moves, it also makes it doubly weak to Ice-Type attacks. Ice Beam, Ice Punch, and other Ice moves can exploit this weakness.
  3. Bug-Type Moves: Gogoat’s Grass typing makes it weak to Bug-Type moves. While not a crippling weakness, Bug moves can deal extra damage, so trainers should be cautious when facing Bug-Type Pokémon.
  4. Poison-Type Moves: Poison-Type moves aren’t necessarily a major weakness for Gogoat, but they can still deal super-effective damage. Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb are examples of moves that can be problematic.
  5. Flying-Type Moves: While Gogoat isn’t weak to Flying-Type moves, it’s important to note that many Flying-Type Pokémon are part Flying and part something else, often making them resistant to Grass-Type attacks. As such, Gogoat’s Grass-Type moves are less effective against these Pokémon.

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Gogoat is a versatile Grass and Normal-Type Pokémon with many strengths and unique abilities. While its dual typing grants it some resistances and advantages, it also comes with a set of vulnerabilities. Trainers should be aware of Gogoat’s weaknesses to Fighting, Ice, Bug, and Poison-Type moves, as well as its reduced effectiveness against many Flying-Type Pokémon.

Successful Pokémon battles often come down to strategy and type matchups, and understanding Gogoat’s weaknesses is a crucial part of being an effective trainer. By acknowledging its vulnerabilities, trainers can better prepare and adapt to overcome these challenges in battles.


What Is Super Effective Against Gogoat?

Flying-types: Flying-types such as Archeops, Vivillon, Rotom-S, and Swanna can all outspeed Gogoat and put a dent in it with their super effective STAB Flying-type moves.

Is Gogoat A Strong Pokémon?

The Generation 6 “Mount Pokémon” Gogoat may not be well known as a powerful combatant, but it is strong nonetheless. Its Speed is lackluster, but its other stats are relatively well-rounded, letting it take strikes and deal them back effectively.

Is Gogoat A Good Pokémon In Scarlet?

If you’re facing another Grass-type Pokémon, switch to Gogoat, since its ability Sap Sipper can absorb Grass-type attacks while boosting its own Attack, making it an excellent counter to same-type matchups.

Is Gogoat Competitive?

Gogoat competes heavily with other defensive Grass-types such as Tangela and Roselia, the former of which has the ability Regenerator and the latter of which has higher Special Defense and a secondary Poison typing. They are also able to provide more utility such as with Sleep Powder and Spikes.

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