What Is Dial Assist?

If you’ve just started using an iOS device, you must be wondering what is Dial Assist. This line of smartphones is loaded with a variety of features that can be helpful in certain situations. While making a call, you must have noticed a little text notification saying “Dial Assist”. In this article, I will help you better understand what is Dial Assist when calling. There is a valid reason why Apple added this feature to its iPhones. Many new iOS users often get confused should Dial Assist be on or off. To get answers to all your questions, keep on reading to know what is Dial Assist.

What Is Dial Assist?

Dial Assist is a feature that allows your iPhone to assign the correct international or local prefixes to phone numbers while calling. While making an international call, you’ve to enter the international or local prefixes before the phone number. These prefix numbers are very hard to remember as there are so many of them. Usually, each country has its own international prefix number which helps you to reach the person you want.

When this feature is activated, your iPhone recognizes the country you’re trying to call and automatically adds the prefix number. After knowing what is Dial Assist iPhone, you can use this feature when you are traveling internationally. The Dial Assist feature uses various parameters to identify which country you’re calling and modifies the number as needed! 

Now, you must be wondering what is Dial Assist on iPhone 13. You should know that this feature works the same for all iOS devices.

Sometimes, you no longer want your iPhone to determine the correct international or local prefixes when you dial. This feature can be turned off manually if it causes too many problems. You can keep on reading to find out how to turn off and on Dial Assist.

Turn On/Off Dial Assist

I hope now, you’ve understood what is Dial Assist on Apple phones. This handy iOS feature can put us into problems sometimes. If you’ve already saved a contact with an international prefix, Dial Assist can add a prefix when it is not necessary. Therefore, turning off Dial Assist is a good thing as the call will fail if it automatically adds a prefix.

You can follow these steps to learn how to turn off Dial Assist on your iPhone.

  1. For this, go to Settings and select Phone.
  2. Here, scroll down to the Dial Assist section.
  3. Tap on Dial Assist to turn off this feature.

If you want to turn on this feature, go to settings >> select Phone >> simply turn on the Dial Assist toggle switch. Once you turn off this feature, you’ve to manually enter the international country code or area code each time while making calls.

Does Dial Assist Cost Money?

No, Dial Assist doesn’t cost you any money as it is an in-built iOS feature. By using this feature, your iPhone will assign correct international or local prefixes to phone numbers while calling.

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Should I Have Dial Assist On Or Off?

This feature is most helpful for outgoing international calls. When this feature is enabled, your iPhone automatically identifies the reference country and determines whether the contact number should be modified based on the various parameters associated with the reference country.

What Does Dial Assist Mean On Call?

Dial Assist automatically determines the correct international or local prefix when dialing.

What Does It Mean When Iphone Says Dial Assist?

Turn on Dial Assist for international calls: (GSM) When Dial Assist is turned on, iPhone automatically adds the correct international or local prefix when you call your contacts and favorites. For information about making international calls (including rates and other charges that may apply), contact your carrier.

Do I Need Dial Assist On My Iphone?

Although dial assist is a handy feature, it can cause problems sometimes, especially if you are abroad. Most issues happen when you have already saved a contact with an international prefix. Dial assist can mess up trying to add a prefix where there’s no need for one. That call will fail.


In the above post, I’ve explained what is Dial Assist on iPhone. iPhone’s Dial Assist feature can make our lives easier in a good way! It is an in-built feature that automatically adds the international and local prefixes when you’re making a call that requires it. This feature is very useful if you travel regularly and have lots of international contacts. However, Dial Assist isn’t something all iOS users use. You can always disable and enable this feature in your Settings app. Once you understand what is Dial Assist, you can make outgoing international calls without remembering the country/area codes.

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