What Is A Noodle Board?

Noodle boards are quite popular these days, but do you know what is a noodle board? While preparing a meal, chefs or home cooks often don’t have enough space in the kitchen. In today’s post, I will discuss what is a noodle board stove cover. Almost every house owns at least one noodle board in the kitchen to solve many problems. Here, you will get to know everything about noodle boards and what is the purpose of a noodle board. Make sure you even check out the tips for choosing a noodle board for your kitchen. You can keep reading to learn what is a noodle board in detail.

What Is A Noodle Board?

A noodle board is a big wooden board that is hooked on top of a stovetop, countertop, or even tabletop. It is a very simple piece of kitchen equipment that sits on top of your stovetop when it isn’t in use. This will give you more counter space leading to an increase in the workable area.

Now, you must be wondering what is a noodle board made of. Usually, these boards are made out of wood but can also be stone or personalized. Many people among us use noodle boards for decorative purposes. But do you know what is the point of a noodle board? The main purpose of a noodle board is to protect your stove top from collecting dust or other drips. In fact, noodle board for gas stoves hides away the streaks that household cleaners leave behind. Your kitchen will look cleaner and you don’t have to feel embarrassed about your stovetop.

You can keep reading further to learn more about what is a noodle board for a stove.

Use Of Noodle Boards

People new to this equipment often wonder what is a noodle board used for. This kitchen accessory is mostly used for kneading and rolling dough for making pasta, bread, or other baked products. As a noodle board is made of wood and has a flat surface, it is perfect for kneading dough. 

Noodle boards are favorites of bakers and home cooks due to their versatility. It provides a smooth and even surface for dough preparation. However, its texture prevents the dough from sticking and allows it to be kneaded without the use of additional flour.

Antique noodle boards can also be used for rolling out pie crust, pizza dough, and other baked goods. In fact, it is also a good option for flattening and shaping meat such as chicken breasts for cooking. You can even use a noodle board for an electric stove to protect it while looking stylish.  

Now, where do you put noodle boards when cooking? Simply keep your noodle board aside if you are cooking. You can even flip it and place it leaning against the wall or slide it to the side. However, you can even put the noodle board on the kitchen table as a serving tray or use it as a deco if your noodle board has a hook.

Tips To Choose A Noodle Board

After knowing what is a noodle board, there are certain things you need to consider while choosing a noodle board. You can consider these tips to get the perfect noodle board for yourself.

  1. Purchase a noodle board that is matching to your custom shelves in your kitchen.
  2. Remember that these noodle boards come in standard sizes that can easily fit most household stovetops.
  3. You can measure your appliance to determine if you need a custom size noodle board.
  4. Always check the measurements before purchasing noodle boards.

Thus, you can now easily purchase a classic wood stove top cover (noodle cover) for your kitchen.

Are Noodle Boards Safe?

Yes, noodle boards are generally safe for stoves but they can catch fire in rare cases. Even though you can use noodle boards everywhere, there are certain things you have to remember if you them as a stovetop cover.

  • Your stove cover can trap gas if you install a raised noodle board on a gas range.
  • Wait till your gas stove cools down and then place the noodle board on your gas.
  • Long-term exposure to heat due to pilot light can be dangerous for your noodle board.
  • Using an electric burner with a noodle board on top of it can be dangerous.

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What Is The Purpose Of A Noodle Board?

A Noodle Board is a kitchen accessory that is used for kneading and rolling dough, specifically for making pasta, bread, or other baked goods. It is made of wood and features a flat surface for dough to be worked on and sides that keep the dough contained.

Why Are Noodle Boards Called That?

Why are they called noodle boards?” The name actually is pretty self-explanatory. They are used to make noodles and are supposedly from a long time ago, but we’re not entirely sure exactly when.

Can You Put A Noodle Board On A Hot Stove?

If you have a gas stove, you can easily trap gas underneath the board, leading to dangerous levels in your home or kitchen. Even though some new gas stoves do not have a pilot light (ever-burning flame to ignite your burners on demand), most gas stoves still do.

Which Floor Used For Noodles?

All-purpose flour does what it says on the tin, so it’s perfectly fine to use for making pasta. However, most pasta recipes will recommend either semola or “00” flour.


In the above post, I’ve explained what is a noodle board for a gas stove in detail. A noodle board is a very useful and versatile tool for anyone who loves baking or cooking. This equipment is made from wood and is used as a stovetop cover to hide the burners. Basically, it creates extra space on your countertops while preparing or serving meals. Most people even use it to roll out the dough, cut noodles, and knead bread or pastry dough. Once you know what is a noodle board, you can easily use it to hide the unsightly burners in your kitchen.

What is the purpose of noodle boards